Technopolis Workplace Talks : Welcome to the greatest industrial tsunami in human history!

What will the world be like now?

Welcome to the time machine and the greatest industrial tsunami in human history

Kjell Nordström, one of Europe’s best speakers, reflects on how the world is now and how it will be changing in the near future. During this session you will learn:

• How the art and science of making money will be redefined
• How the film Matrix can help us understand the upcoming centuries
• How basic supply and demand conditions set the scene for human activities in business
• How the Covid19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine affect the economy of the world and the lives of the people that live there
• And how the environmental battle affects companies and the economy in the world

During his talk Nordström also aims to answer the following questions: Can and will globalization continue? Does sustainability require us to give up growth and prosperity? Capitalism overall… is it the problem or the solution?

You are most welcome to join us online for this interesting Technopolis Workplace Talks stream from Norway!


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