Technopolis Business Breakfast: Kuidas luua parimat töökeskkonda

Võitlus talentide pärast muutub järjest pingelisemaks. Kas sinu ettevõte on muudatusteks valmis?

Tule 23. mail toimuvale Technopolis Business Breakfastile, kuula oma ala ekspertide ettekandeid ja räägi kaasa! Registreeru:

Peaesineja: Maaretta Tukiainen (FIN)
Asukoht: Lõõtsa 6, II korrus, Stockholmi seminariruum


Let’s talk about the new era of work! Register here:

– How do I attract top talent and hold on to them?
– What are the main pitfalls of reforming workspaces and how do I avoid them?
– How do I get people aboard with these changes?
– Why is a workspace an investment in my company’s future?
– How could VR technology help in the process of a work environment reform?

The seminar and discussion is led by experienced workspace experts Maaretta Tukiainen and Tiia Rauhamäki.

We’d love to see you join in the discussion!

This event will be held in English.

9.00 Networking breakfast & Registration
9.30 Opening of the event, Technopolis Ülemiste
9.35 The World of Work is Changing
Maaretta Tukiainen, Change Coach & CEO, Moodit
VR: Open the door to your future office today
Tiia Rauhamäki, Concept Manager, Technopolis
10.45 Networking
11.00 End of the event

After the event you have a possibility to attend campus tour.

Speaker – Maaretta Tukiainen
Maaretta Tukiainen CEO, author, designer, speaker, mentor, guest blogger, change coach and TV presenter.

Specialties: Change processes, branding and identities, creative concepts and product development especially in media and publishing industry

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