EUAS Public Lecture “Why teamwork and team roles are important?”

We are proud to present our Special Guest Jo Keeler. She is the Belbin UK managing partner and the best Belbin promoter in the world!

Here are some exciting topics Jo is going to touch on:
✅ Why teamwork and team roles are important?
✅ How to use team roles in real organisation?
✅ Teamwork and success of the organisation

Jo Keeler joined the Belbin team in 2001 after starting her career in pharmaceutical sales. As the Managing Partner of Belbin, Jo manages strategic and operational activities to grow and build the global Belbin brand. She is also responsible for the management of the Belbin UK office – aligning the talents of the team with the work that needs to be done day to day, and in the future. In addition to these responsibilities, Jo works closely with Meredith Belbin and acts as his general sounding board. Over the past 17 years Jo has worked with many organisations, worldwide, helping them understand and utilise the strengths of individuals and teams. Jo enjoys speaking at events to help spread the language of Belbin Team Roles and is currently a Visiting Fellow at The Cranfield School of Management where she contributes to the Sales Directors Programme.

The lecture will be held in English at Estonian Entrepreneurship of Applied Sciences, Suur-Sõjamäe 10a, room 227 (second floor).

Entrance is FREE of charge and everyone’s welcome!

Limited seats available! Register now by sending an e-mail to Triin Tammistu

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