Digital Innovation Days Hackathon

Take a moment to innovate! Come and take part of the biggest hackathon in Estonia to try agile developing like a startup.

Open for everyone, no coding skills needed!
• 250 participants from all over the world
• 4 different tracks and challenges
• 50 teams
• TOP mentors
• Potential customers and investors


FUTURE CITY TRACK powered by Ülemiste City

People and Mobility – How to motivate urban residents to choose an alternative mode of mobility over a private car?

People and well-being – How to turn physically passive office work into a physically active experience?

People and environment – How to minimize waste and improve waste management?

People and services – How to encourage Ülemiste City residents to a higher usage of local community services?

People and people – How to better connect Ülemiste City community and promote networking?


How to bridge the skill gap between demanded and available skills of the workforce on the job market?


Challenge by USS Security: How to forecast security alerts and thus optimise security resource planning and management?

Hackathon is your chance to innovate and solve real problems in a creative way. You don’t need to be a hacker and you don´t have to know how to code to take part of a hackathon. But you do need to be passionate and curios. It´s a startup style event to find innovative solutions for different problems. It can also be a first step of your own startup career. Present your idea, form a team or join the one you like the most, hack the brain and prototype. Never mind if this is your first time doing all this – we have top-notch mentors to guide you every step of the way.

7 reasons to attend

1. You are passionate about solving some problem, so are we. Come and join likeminded people to find innovative solutions.
2. You have always believed that a hackathon is just for hackers and coding skills are mandatory? Guess again. We need business experts, designers, marketers and people with all sorts of other expertise.
3. Top-notch mentors are at hand and ready to dive in if you need advice.
4. This is your chance to take a sneak peek into startup world. Is it just a buzz or is there something?
5. You have a real possibility to build a working prototype. Kind of cool if it´s your first ever.
6. Come and see how unbelievably easy it is to find real customers, investors, teammates or others.
7. Feel the amazing energy during the event – you can accomplish incredible things within very limited timeframe.

About Tehnopol:
JCI World Congress is partnering up with Tehnopol – the biggest science park and startup incubator in the Baltics.
Tehnopol is the home for tech companies and they have around 300 companies in active portfolio, ranging from fast growing startups to tech giants like Microsoft.
16 years of experience
100 events each year
Over 230 startup alumni
6 times higher startup success rate than average


Registration for the hackathon is closed.

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