Booster Party No.2: Halloween Special

We invite you to the Öpiku2 (C-wing) Booster Office Halloween party!

Location: Second floor of Öpiku2 (C-wing) Booster Office and yes, we will occupy the whole floor!

Begins at 8 pm and lasts as long as the crowd continues. Or until morning! ?
The music is played by the well-known Dr.Morna and Rasim.
Frank events takes care of the proper volume of lighting and music.

Drinks? Bring what you like! We take care of cups and ice.
OR take money instead and enjoy our special good price-quality minibar

Bolt Food / Wolt takes care of the meal.

Wanna take friends? Totally fine. The more the better.

Since it’s still Halloween, costumes are welcome! And of course: Best costumes get rewarded!

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