Video analysis of running and a foot sole examination at a special price!

Tursekeskus OÜ / Reio Vilipuu Rehabilitation Clinic was established in 2013. Our goal has always been to provide patients with comprehensive solutions: professional services and high-quality aids from one place.

As our clinic will soon be relocating to Ülemiste City, we are pleased to introduce a couple of interesting offers to all the businesses in the campus!

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This is beneficial for all runners, regardless of their level. You can already find out possible causes of injuries before they even occur and focus on refining your running technique to achieve new goals!

No one teaches you how to run! During the running video analysis, you will discover the biomechanically most efficient way for you to run! Our running therapist films and analyzes your running technique, step length, heel strike, foot support phase, and push-off with you. You can further develop your strengths and improve weaknesses in your running technique. You will receive personalized recommendations for optimizing your running form and reducing the risk of injuries.

For Ülemiste City businesses, running video analysis is available at a special price of 50 €. For more information look here

The examination is suitable for everyone who moves without assistive devices (including athletes, fitness enthusiasts), but who have experienced foot discomfort, pain while walking in the sole of the foot, ankles, knees, hips, or back. We conduct the foot load analysis and walking analysis using BodyTronic 150 with 1.5 mm thick sensor insoles that fit into the subject’s shoes. By freely walking for 40 meters in your natural gait, we gather enough data to analyze the trajectory of your walk from heel strike to toe-off and its consistency or variability during walking. The analyses reveals whether the weight is distributed on the sole of the foot correctly or if insoles should be used for pain relief. The analyses also provides information about the suitability of the footwear or insoles currently in use.

For Ülemiste City businesses, the foot load and walking analysis is available at a special price of 50 €. For more information look here

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