Activé FiberShake with 10% discount

Did you know? Dietary fiber consumption is vital to support the digestive system and restore the balance of the gut microbiome (and don’t forget: a healthy body starts with a strong microbiome). However modern diet is lacking 10 gramm fiber from the daily suggested 30 gramms.

Activé FiberShake – as a healthy office snack – provides the lacking 10 gramm fiber (both insoluble and prebiotic) to support a balanced gut microbiom. Simply mix it with cold water, milk or your favorite plant-milk and it turns into a thick, delicious miracle drink in just 1 minute.

For more information visit (companies of Ülemiste City always get 10% discount, code: ACTIVEÜC).

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When to have an activé FiberShake?
• Healthy breakfast in 1 minute
• When your lunch is still too far
• A quick lunch at the office
• Afternoon snack

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