IST Aftercare


Aftercare is a support service for school children whose parents or guardians cannot arrange pick-up at the time pupils are dismissed. IST offers aftercare services on school days, 14–17 (2 pm–5 pm).

Aftercare teachers plan daily activities to ensure kids stay active and develop different sets of skills during those hours. This range of activities include painting, drawing, collage, working with clay, animation, playing educational games and energy/movement games, among others.

A day in aftercare usually looks like this:

14.05–14.45 – A structured indoor activity
14.45–15.15 – Afternoon snack
15.15–16.00 – Outdoor playing time (weather permitting)
16.00–17.00 – Playful indoor activity

Monthly price:

Full-time € 120
Half-time* € 80
Part-time** € 50
There is an additional charge for the canteen snack of € 0.85/day. Families are welcome to pack individual snacks for their children as an alternative. The aftercare snack menu is shared weekly with the lunch menu: please check our Lunch page, under the School Life section of this website.

To register your child in aftercare, please send an email to
*Half-time Aftercare refers to students who use the services no more than 6 hours in a week
**Part-time Aftercare refers to students who use the services no more than 3 hours in a week

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