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Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

The home college of Ülemiste City, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, offers talents entrepreneurial education on applied science and master’s degree level in Estonian, English and Russian. Come and choose from 21 different programs! You can study web technologies, game design and development, logistics and other popular programs. In Estonia, only at our school, you can acquire a bachelor degree in personnel management, start-up entrepreneurship and quality management.

Our IT programs are very popular and highly recognised by both students as well as employers. An example is Cleveron Academy, where in cooperation with the company and college, students and employees acquire knowledge and skills that are essential for the company to achieve its goals.

What students value the most, is the personal approach and flexible studies of our school, enabling them to easily study alongside work and family.

In the course of the open college, we offer talents a chance to improve their career through individual continuing education courses.

We offer companies conducting applied research, and thereby help to increase their competitive ability.

If you work at Ülemiste City, we offer you a 10% tuition discount.

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