Rat Race 2022

Rat Race charity run is coming again and in 2022 we will celebrate our 20th birthday. The run will take place on August 30 in Ülemiste City.
Gather a team with up to 5 members and come and take part in a fun charity run! Participating in Rat Race 2022 is a great opportunity to do something fun with colleagues and increase their energy and motivation, while doing good and supporting the mental health of children in need!
The whole sum of participation fee is donated to the NGO Children and Youth Crisis Program. The crisis program of the NGO Children and Youth supports a child or young person who has lost a parent or loved one through their grief and trauma, and you can contribute to the sustainable operation of this organization.
11.00 team assembly
12.00 kick-off of the race
13.00 award ceremony
11.00-14.00 delicious street food: VLND Burger, Bee, Uulits, NaturistFood, RedisFood
Why come to run and donate to the NGO Children and Youth Crisis Program? Today, there are many young people and children who have lost a close family member for various reasons (suicide, serious illness, accident, etc.). The NGO Children and Youth Crisis Program organizes bereavement support camps for children, where children can get the necessary counseling as well as participate in fun activities. Timely and professional intervention helps children regain faith in the future, cope better with studies, and prevent behavior, health and addiction problems.
More information: https://www.ratrace.ee

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