Furniture and interiors

I accidentally dirtied and/or broke furniture
Not to worry, notify us about it immediately via email to, and we’ll try to make your being as comfortable as possible again as quick as possible. Sofa covers are changeable and in some cases we can quickly replace the furniture. Also, definitely notify us, if upon your arrival you discover, that something is broken.

How can I open the balcony glasses?
Balcony glasses are possible to open one by one, it means every side is openable separately and one has to start from the glass, from which a string hangs. Pull the string down, release the glass movement and turn the glass 90 degrees cross. Then move the glasses next to the first glass the same way, move them next to the first glass and turn them 90 degrees as well.

Home appliances are not working properly
Notify us immediately, it’s possible that some appliance needs specialist’s attention or that there’s some technical error Write about your problem to our email


I have paid 100% for my booking but I would like to change it
Write to us about wanting to change the booking to the address and add as accurate info as possible, including the booking number, name, duration of stay etc.

I wish to stay longer at your place
Let us know about your wish via email ( and we’ll try to accommodate you as much as possible.

Techno systems

Apartment’s heating/ cooling/ ventilation doesn’t work properly
The techno systems of apartments won’t work, when the window is open, so as the first thing check if the windows and the balcony door is completely closed? If the windows and doors are closed, check the Smart Home board located in the wall, if the techno systems are functioning/working. In case of problems write to


Where can i park?
When you book accommodation, you can choose parking in Sepise 8 parking house as an extra service. 24h parking costs 10 euros. It is also possible to park in outer parking lots, but we draw to you attention that this parking is for a charge and the price can differ depending on the parking lot.

Where can my guests park?
It is most sensible for guests to park in the outer parking lots, which are located next to the building and also at the address Valukoja 9. In the outer parking lots, parking for 2 hours with a parking clock is free.

Internet & TV

Internet and/or TV doesn’t work properly
If you have issues with TV or Internet, then send an email about you issue to or call 6066112, and we will try to react to and solve your issue as quickly as possible. A simple solution may always help, aka did you tr, for example, to unplug and plug back in the router or digital box?

Where can I find the Wi-Fi password?
The Wi-Fi password has been pasted/stuck on the TV cupboard, you will also find it on the sticker on the router.

Equipment and devices

Where can I find the manuals of the technology and appliances in the apartment?

Big dishwasher (on the 12th and 13th floor)
Stove hob
Waching machine/dryer

House rules

From what time or how long do the ‘silent hours’ last?
Quiet hours are from Sunday to Thursday at 22.00-06.00 and on Fridays and Saturdays at 23.00-07.00. Breaking the silent hour rule is punishable with a fine of 300 EUR.

Can I smoke on the balcony or by the window?
No, smoking by the windows, on the balconies, on the terraces and in the building is strictly forbidden. Fine for this is 300 EUR. One can smoke at least 8m away from the building.

Is barbeque allowed?
No, grilling in the whole house, including on the balconies and terraces is strictly forbidden.

Where should I take the trash?
Trash must be sorted and taken to the containers next to the building, which are located on the side of the house towards Sepise street. Environmental sustainability is very important for us and we ask all our clients to be environmentally friendly.

How can I store bicycle or other bigger items?
All objects should be stored/kept in the apartment our on the balcony. It is forbidden to keep/store things in communal stairways and corridors. If you have questions then write to the address

Are pets allowed?
Yes, pets are allowed if they are well behaved, don’t break/damage property or disturb other guests.

Apartment visit
The service provider has the right to visit the apartment , if it is notified in a reasonable time or if there is a reasonable suspicion that property has been damaged , or if there’s danger to someone’s health or property

Access and security

How can I get into the apartment building and the apartment?
To enter, use the previously given access code. If you have troubles or problems getting in, write to or in case of emergency call 24/7 customer support number 6066112.

Why can’t I go to some other floor to visit a friend?
With the code you have the right to have access to the floor your own apartment is located on. In the interest of security, we don’t give our guest access to all the floors, so if possible, ask your friend to come meet you by the door.

Can i change my access codes?
No, the code is generated randomly and it is not possible to change it.

The door is not opening – red light on controller
Try your code calmly and make sure it is correct and that you have pressed # at the end. At the moment the devices have a software peculiarity, so in some cases the controller shows a red light, but in a second it opens the door or gives the according rights. So don’t let yourself be bothered by the red light. If you have problems, then write to or call to customer support number 6066112.