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More than 15 000 people work in companies operating in Ülemiste City. 76% of them have a higher education and even 26% have a scientific degree. Spending on research, development and innovation makes up nearly 11% of the companies’ turnover. In addition, almost 2 000 pupils and students study in educational institutions here. The data is taken from the e-Business Register, Statistics Estonia, Estonian Tax and Customs Board and the annual survey of employees, students and residents of Ülemiste City.


Ülemiste City
Ülemiste City

Research and


4332 R&D employees in Estonian business sector


530 R&D employees in the companies of Ülemiste City

*Based on the report collected by Statistics Estonia.

Research and Development in Companies

The difference from the data of Statistics Estonia is because a lot of companies that engage in research and development do not fill the R&D reports of Statistics Estonia.