What’s New in Future City Science: Urban Vitality

🌳 Together with our City of the Future Professorship team, we are again looking at the future of cities. This time, we will closely examine how the cities are changing, what is behind the “city vitality “, and why some cities and regions are more vibrant and vital than others. Join us for an exciting overview of the results of research and developments presented by the City of the Future Professorship team and the City of Tallinn!

☝️ To participate, please register at this link: https://bit.ly/ÜC-Future-City-22

Time: October 13 at 10 a.m
Location: Öpik Conference Centre, room Kosmos

The seminar is free of charge for everyone.

14.00 – 14.15
Title: Smart cities in the flux. How the future city can become vital.
Cities are dynamic systems in a constant state of flux. Cities change from within by interacting with various actors: firms, cultural actors, individuals, associations and institutions. For continuous positive evolution, urban vitality is essential for economic, social and cultural viability and quality of urban life. Vitality cannot be set from the top down. Still, vital and potentially vital areas can be recognized and encouraged via planning and policymaking that supports various actors’ operations in the city.
Presenter: Jenni Partanen (Professor of Future City in TalTech, Architect)

14.15 – 14.40
Title: (Re‐)discovering urban vitality measurements for cities in the digital transition
Recognition of the vital areas in the digitalized city and discovering their ’ingredients’ to generate urban vitality and other locations with embryonic potential for vitality.
Presenter: Modupe Osunkoya (PhD Student in TalTech)

14.40 – 15.05
Title: City vitality in Tallinn? A practitioner’s view.
How do we define city vitality in Tallinn, a strategic view according to the city strategy and actual practice in an urban live environment? What are the challenges of city vitality on a larger scale (the whole city) and a smaller scale (street scale)? The differences between city districts include Old Town, Lasnamäe and Nõmme. Combining people and biodiversity.
Presenter: Raido Roop (City Strategy Director, City of Tallinn)

15.05s – 15.30
Q&A, discussion with presenters.
About the next seminar and blog (prof. Jenni Partanen)

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