Technopolis Workplace Talks – Reboot Your Workplace


Work life is changing faster than ever. Many companies are currently facing a strong need to rethink and redesign their workplaces, but it can feel difficult with the unknown future ahead. Work culture and work environments need to be developed but where to start and what is the right direction to go to?

If these challenges are relevant to you, we highly recommend you to join this webinar.

We will provide practical tips and insights to the following questions:

* How to identify and analyze new business needs?
* What is the purpose of offices in the future?
* How to bring people back to the physical workplace?
* What kind of new leadership tools are needed?
* What is the role of employee wellbeing in modern companies?

The discussion is led by experienced workspace experts Antti Pitkänen from Agile Work and Tiia Rauhamäki from Technopolis.

Join the webinar to reboot your workplace!

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Webinar is held in English language.