Technopolis Wellness Talks – Making good decisions under pressure

Life is full of decision-making, large and small. Should I take on this project? Who should I hire for this role? What should we have for dinner? Do I prioritize workload or client quality? What’s my next career move? Our ability to make good decisions can be markedly different depending on the context. Especially when we’re under pressure, our decision-making may be subject to bias.


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Webinar will be held in English and is free of charge for Technopolis Ülemiste customers and also to Mainor customers


In this session, performance psychologist Chris Gooder will talk about:

  • What’s the impact of stress on decision-making?
  • What biases or typical pitfalls tend to creep in when we’re under pressure?
  • What are practical tips and tools to maintain your mental sharpness and to help you when making tough calls?

Chris Gooder is a coach that truly knows the challenges of both worlds: sports and business. Chris is fascinated by the question: How do top performing individuals and teams withstand and perform under extreme pressure? What can we learn from that?

Wednesday 9.11.2022 at 9:30–10:30 

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