Ülemiste City Stairway Champions 2023

We invite all community members to the tower running relay race—Ülemiste City Stairway Champions 2023! Yes, we do have those really fast elevators, but let’s show them how much faster we can be! 😎🏆
The rules are simple—the first team member runs the first six floors, and the second team member runs the rest six floors. For safety reasons, teams run on time and not all at once.
🏃‍♂️ Put on your coolest sportsware or show style in a suit/pretty dress, the main thing that your legs would be quick as a bolt of lightning!
👉 All teams can have two members, but companies can sign up multiple teams. The competition takes place on 7th of September from 13:30–15:00 in Alma Tomingas building.

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