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Lurich Building –

Lurich Building
Valukoja 10
249 m2 3/8 floor Vacant
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Lurichi maja_Büroo

    Office space for rent in Lurich Building completed in 2020 on Ülemiste City business campus.
    The office space is on the 3rd storey of Lurich Building with a view of the courtyard. To create a cozy working environment there is a sports club, shopping malls, a health centre, and several eateries nearby. The size of the office space is 249m2, and it is suitable for working for 20-25 people. On the roof of the building, there is a 24/7 accessible terrace opened for all clients with everything necessary to work outside.

    You can park comfortably in Sepise 8 parking garage next to the building.

    Area 249 m2
    Type Open office
    Korrus 3/8
    Features Open office, meeting rooms, kitchen, reception area, restrooms
    Availability Vacant
    Parking In Sepise 8 parking garage, up to 6 parking spaces at discount.

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    About the building

    Lurichi korterite fuajee

    The legendary wrestler Georg Lurich was an innovator not only in sports but also in nutrition. That is why the name Lurich fits Valukoja 10 building, which is located next to MyFitness sports club and restaurants.

    Created between the old limestall walls of an a production building, Lurich building is a complex of buildings including both an office as well as an accommodation building. The different heights and contrast colours of the building along with historical buildings evoke an experience of various looking architecture. The historical nature of the building is created by the old overhead crane that was used in the production building and is still used in the Lurich courtyard.

    This is the place created for talents. An 8 storey modern office building erecting as a contrast between the czar period limestone walls of the Dvigatel military plant. The building with curved, streamline glass surfaces and roof terraces with a sea view is located in the heart of Ülemiste City. Rooms of different size are meant for 5 to 250 people.

    gym + outdoor gym
    hammocks in summer



    Ülemiste City, which 15 years ago was created to be a smart business city, today accommodates nearly 500 companies. There are more than 13 000 talents working, studying and living here whose contribution to the economy is now equal to the 5th city of Estonia.


    Everything you need is right here – gyms, health and beauty services, cafes, restaurants, entertainment, and also the most awarded shopping mall in all the Baltic States.


    1 minute from the airport, 10 minutes from the city centre, 15 minutes from the harbour. You can easily and comfortably get here by bus, tram, train or bicycle and car.


    Concerts, sporting events, exhibitions, street food Tuesdays, seminars, hacks, live shows and different workshops – there is something for everyone in our lively community.

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