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The Liwentaal office building received the LEED Platinum certification

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The Alexandre Liwentaal office building at Ülemiste City received the highest – Platinum – certification under the LEED system, created to assess the environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings. This is the second building in Estonia to which the LEED Platinum certificate has been attributed. 

 ‘Modern companies turn increasingly more attention to the working environment – primarily to an inspiring office space, but also to the construction materials used being environmentally friendly and healthy, and to the ecological footprint of the office remaining as small as possible. Being environmentally friendly is becoming an important sales argument to increasingly more companies,’ said Gert Jostov, Chairman of the Management Board of Technopolis Ülemiste AS, developer of the Liwentaal office building. ‘In addition, following the LEED guidelines means financial savings for the tenants, since it helps to reduce the administrative costs of the building through more efficient energy and water consumption and waste management, for example.’ 

‘Technopolis Ülemiste invested a total of 13 million euros in the Liwentaal office building; the LEED requirements already had to be considered when commencing the design process. The builder of the building, Nordecon, also made great efforts to receive the certificate,’ Gert Jostov added. 

Pursuant to the LEED certification requirements, the Liwentaal office building has specifically been constructed from local, environmentally friendly construction materials to the largest possible extent, which means that the environmental harm accompanying material transport has also been minimised. 

The 13-storey Alexandre Liwentaal office building, located near the airport at Lõõtsa 12, was completed this year in July. The international Technopolis Group has a total of 29 buildings with a LEED certificate, and three of them are located at Ülemiste City. 

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognised evaluation system, the certificates of which are issued by the US Green Building Council. 

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