Jeti jäähall

Jeti Ice Arena

Jeti Ice Arena is a unique facility in the whole Baltic region and Nordic countries. Located in an industrial environment, Jeti Ice Arena charms you with its exotic and historic atmosphere.

Everyone has fun with us, and we offer different opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

Ice-skating disco: When all the places have been visited enough to get bored, the ice-skating disco of Jeti Ice Arena offers an experience you cannot find anywhere else. On the ice turned colourful using search-lights you know from dance halls and accompanied by music you can take out your daily stress and live out your childhood dreams. Ice-skating disco is suitable for everyone, for beginners and master of skating techniques. Dancing on skates provides good physical exercise, helps you improve your skating skills without you noticing and creates a pleasant feeling and emotion. You can find such a dancing hall only in Jeti Ice Arena!

On children’s birthdays, you can get a fun and active birthday package to have a proper workout on the ice and then enjoy a delicious cake and drink. Those who have not skated before should not be afraid – for a safe first-time experience we have support equipment and helmets designed for kids.

For hockey events, we have created all possibilities in Jeti Ice Arena so that you could challenge your work colleagues or competitors from elsewhere and find out the best team in a real and fair hockey game.
We have a full-sized hockey rink and proper equipment from skates to protectives, helmets and hockey sticks. On top you can throw a uniform of a famous hockey player and go on the ice feeling like a real pro! The instructor will help you get into your gear, prepares the teams for the game (safety, warm-up, rules, strategy) and manages the game as the referee on ice.

Check for opening hours on the homepage of Jeti Ice Arena.

Jeti jäähall
Jeti jäähall
Jeti jäähall
Jeti jäähall


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